SunLine Refueled began on Sunday, January 3, 2021 at a Level 3 Service. To learn more, click here.


Live as ofJanuary 4, 2021


On-demand mobility solution to connect to SunLine's fixed route bus system

Trips scheduled via mobile app

Offered in defined zones

SunRide is a microtransit service that will be available in 4 Coachella Valley zones to connect riders to the fixed route network. Riders use this service with a smartphone app, which will call for a SunRide vehicle to pick them up at a destination within the designated zones and/or bus stops.

This new smartphone app-based service offers on-demand rides to the bus stop of your choice within the defined zone. 

Service Hours:

Monday – Friday, 5:30am – 6:30pm

SunRide Pilot Service Areas

Desert Edge

Connect to:

Route 3 at Dillon loop to Hacienda Ave. and Mountain View 

Routes 2 and 5 at Palm & Dillon

Cook Street Corridor

Connect to:

Routes 5 and 6 within geofence 

Route 1 at Cook St. and Hwy. 111

Routes 1, 4, 5 and 6 at Town Center and Hahn


Connect to:

Route 8 within the geofence

Route 1 , Route 6, and Route 8 at 5th & Vine

North Shore

Connect to:

Route 9 at stops from Mecca Library to Club View Dr. & Windlass Dr.

Route 8 Mecca Library

Tips for a Smooth Ride

Enter your current location and desired destination, either with our app or by calling Customer Service.

Riders using SunRide cannot be guaranteed an ADA-compliant vehicle unless specifically requested when booking. Specific SunRide vehicles meet ADA requirements, offering wheelchair lifts or ramps to accommodate riders with disabilities. Riders with disabilities may bring service animals on board.

Need to cancel a trip? Let us know before the vehicle arrives, either via the app or by phone.

All trips require a reservation. No walk-ons allowed.

Be ready. Vehicles depart briefly after arriving at the pick-up point noted by the SunRide app.

Children ages 12 and under must be accompanied by a fare-paying adult.

How It Works

Let's explore a couple scenarios to see how these new mobility options benefit you.

Scenario #1: TO a SunLine Bus Stop

Bill needs to get to his office by 9am.

He begins planning a trip in the SunLine myStop app and sees that Route 2 will drop him one block from the office at 8:45am.

Bill remembers that SunLine is piloting a new program in his neighborhood that will conveniently pick him from home and give him a ride to the Route 2 bus stop.

Bill opens the SunRide app and summons a SunRide taxi and is picked up within 15 minutes.

Scenario #2: FROM a SunLine Bus Stop

After a long day at work, Bill is ready to go home. Bill hops on the Route 2 near his office and heads toward home.

While on the bus, he opens the SunRide app with his smartphone and orders a SunRide taxi to pick him up from the same bus stop he was dropped at earlier that morning.

When the bus gets to Bill’s stop, his SunRide taxi is waiting there to take him home safely.

SunRide FAQs

What is Microtransit?

Microtransit is an on-demand mobility solution that connects to SunLine’s fixed route bus system. The goal is to use microtransit within a defined zone to connect to nearby bus stops. Trips can be scheduled through a mobile application or by phone.